Welcome to this space…. created by Kendall Nichole, a place to more openly share, authentically create and write, uncensored by instagram, and a place that feels more like true art can come through.

This is a space that I hope nurtures your soul and inspires you, and is a deeper glimpse into what I share, create, my work with clients, and also the side of things I just don’t share on instagram (whether it be learnings from sexual arts, deeper insights into health and my autoimmune healing, herbal crafting, downloads and updates, audios…)

I’m Kendall…

I’m an energy intuitive and somatic practitioner - offering a unique form of bodywork that she called Three Cauldrons massage - birth doula, and create plant based potions. My devotion is in a rooted, earthy, and simplistic way of approaching prayer and ritual.

As a science nerd turned mystic, I love to integrate the magic that is our mind, body, and nervous system into the mystical, to support people to feel liberated in their bodies, in union with their hearts, and connected to Spirit.

My intention this year is to journey into a masters degree to become a Marriage & Family Therapist, and I hope that this space can also be a place to integrate what’s coming through and how that weaves with my current approach to life.

I believe that intimacy is so much more than just pleasure, that tuning into the subtle, slow energies of life, connects us to something greater. That this is our gateway to the divine. 

Why drop into this space?

Instagram has become so inundated… it’s short form content mostly now, can be overwhelming, and not as nourishing of a space. It’s harder to make it the art it once was or to have your soul musings or art be seen because of algorithms. I’ve been wanting a new space to touch these deeper parts of my soul and connect with people in deeper ways and this space came to me.

  1. I have become much more private and discerning with what I share on instagram or facebook. There are things I want to share, photos and art that IG would shadow ban, things that occur in spaces with clients, or in my own trauma releases or learnings of sexuality and intimacy through experience, and IG is no longer the place for that for me. The intention is there is more space for that here! And of course anyone can subscribe (it’s only $7), but it feels more like a private nurturing space, like we are all sitting at the Hearth together.

  2. It may inspire you in your creation! As I dive deeper into my own creative unearthing, my hope is it inspires you to do the same! Personally, I keep myself around people, mentors, and guides who inspire my own creative unearthing.

  3. We can deeper connect here! You can comment on posts, we can have engaging conversations, and you can send me questions you’d like answers to and I can respond in an audio post or long form post for everyone within the community to learn from!

  4. Most of what I share here will be for paid subscribers as a form of energetic containment, so as a paid subscriber you are receiving all of it!

  5. And even though it doesn’t seem like much, your $7 subscription helps support me to keep doing the work I am doing! My deep desire is even more spaciousness to support people and do this work.

What will this look like?

This is a new space for me and I want it to feel like liberation, so for now there’s no rhyme, reason, or schedule! Let’s see what comes through!

Why At the Hearth of It?

It sort of just came to me, easily and effortlessly, when tuning into a name… It feels like the energy of us coming around a fire together to nurture our souls and spirits. It feels like nurturing our own inner hearths, lighting our own inner fires. It reminds me of the Three Cauldrons, a framework within my work you’ll here more about in this space. And it touches on my Druidic and Nordic ancestry. It also speaks to an energy where I feel I can come here and bring it all and also speak to things or share foods etc. that doesn’t always get shared on my instagram.

Here you may find:

  • transmissions and teachings

  • stories and learnings through intimacy and sex

  • tools and practices

  • womb health

  • recipes

  • thoughts on health or learnings from my own journey of “diagnosis” with a supposedly incurable autoimmune disease

  • personal experiences with forms of healing

  • audios or meditations and journeys

  • learnings from transformations with clients in the realms of sex, intimacy, pelvic health, and intuition

  • magic, druidic backgrounds, intuition development stories and musings

  • Nature, herbs, nourishing foods, and my journey letting go of chronic disease, and being deep in my food protocols, and parasite protocols

  • musings from transformational journeys (with spirits, medicines, love)

Website: https://kendallnichole.com

IG: https://instagram.com/kendall.nichole.fehu

PS. Costa Rica retreat is on the books for July 25-29 with Stephanie and I, let us know if you’d like to join!

And for those feeling this vibe and the creative unearthing within your soul, intimacy, and connection to Spirit, Unearthing is open (6 mo journey with an in person getaway in the forests).

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Here to unearth my soul creativity and inspires others to do the same. Womb and birth worker passionate about the deep connection between our pelvis, heart, and head. Living life through the Three Cauldrons